I have traffic master laminate floors, can i use this on them?

  • Yes, you can. 

Does the pack include cleaning pads?

  • Yes, it does include one cleaning pad. 

Can I use these on any hard wood or tile flooring?

  • Yes, of course

Is the cleaning pad washable? Also is it safe to dry in the dryer?

  • Yes, it’s washable and safe to dry in the dryer.
  • One more, we will sell the pads in this listing within 3 weeks. The pads are on the way to warehouse. 

What kind of water do you use?

  • tap water or purified water, no dirty water

Can i use this for hard floor and rug as well?

  • Yes, it could be used for hard floor, if you want to use it for fug, please get a LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Carpet Glider

So it's just water in the reservoir tank? How does it clean with no cleaning agent? In other steam mops there is a a specific cleaner to use.

  • Yes, just water in the tank. The high temp. steam will dissolve oil or other organic dirt and the pads will remove them from the floor. The secret is that the light n easy steam mop could produce very high temp. steam. The feature models / advanced models can produce higher temp. steam and can clean the floors faster.

Can i add a mild or neutral substance other than water to the tank such as white vinegar? Or spray a cleaning agent on the floor before mopping?

  • we do not recommend our customer to add anything except water, they will erode the steam producer/rubber obturating parts. You could spray a cleaning agent before mopping for sure.

What is the temperature of the steam?

  • 264.2F inside the steam producer, when comes to the mop head, the temp. will drop to 248F. When the steam touches the floor, its temp. will drop to 212F ~ 210F